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Born in Madrid in 1960 Yasmina moved to England at the age of six. Having always been a seeker of Truth and Enlightment, her own journey of discovery began when at the age of fourteen she was introduced to the ancient form of Zen yoga. Having never been satisfied with the more traditional or conventional forms of religious doctrine, Zen philosophy began to satisfy her thirst for Spiritual knowledge. At a young age her yoga practise gave her an insight into the importance of acquiring a deep relationship with her Mind, Body and Spirit, this was achieved by utilising movement (Asanas), breathing (Pranayama) and meditation techniques.

It was a very natural transition for her to go on to teach Yoga and has continued to do so for twenty years. Yasmina has experience in teaching both individuals and groups within the private and adult education sector, including students with learning disabilities and mental health problems.

The Yoga discipline went on to provide Yasmina with the necessary sensitivity she would require to create a communication link with the spirit world. It was at this time that she was introduced to her guide Zarka, a highly evolved Tibetan monk. Establishing this link has resulted in a partnership that enables Yasmina to access and impart wisdom from a very high vibration. This precious relationship with spirit has greatly contributed towards an increase in her psychic and clairvoyant abilities, expanding her consciousness towards a deeper level of understanding. An association that affords Yasmina the capacity to connect with many forces, she has been privileged to have utilised her skills as a channel for the divine life force in a healing capacity for sixteen years.

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Life has led Yasmina in many directions, a journey that has included varied positions of employment for diverse sectors of industry. An accumulation of experience resulted in the development of communication skills that contributed towards her desire to work within the healing sector. With this aspiration she commenced the exploration and study of additional yoga styles and healing modalities, the most extensive being the completion of a four year course obtaining a Diploma of Higher Education in Human Chiropractic with the University of Wales.

Yasmina is honoured to have chosen a life that has enabled her to raise a family and experience many personal challenges. All of which have given her opportunities to expand her consciousness towards a greater level of awareness and spiritual growth. Drawing from the totality of her experiences on a personal and professional level have all contributed towards the various processes provided by Yasmina. Yasmina is a practising integrated holistic practitioner addressing the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of an individual.

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'I have great pleasure in inviting you to commence upon a path towards self empowerment.

Wholeness I believe is attainable by embarking on a journey that contains a variety of processes; Meditaion, Physical Healing and Psychological Therapies. I invite you to embrace an opportunity to awaken to your potential to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.'