Image of What are the benefits of balancing the Chakras?

The body's resistance and struggle is there to show us that an obstruction against the natural flow is present, our lives will reflect this conflict.

Our outer world is a perfect reflection of our inner one, if we want to make changes they have to come from within. When the Chakras are permitted to function normally the 'Prana' (Universal Life Force) will flow freely through the body so as to attain a high level of health within the physical body. By assuring that the Chakras are aligned we afford ourselves the opportunity in every given moment to posess Balance and Harmony between the Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects of our lives.

There are Seven main Chakras located in the physical body, the location of chakra's 5 & 6 are listed below, please refer to other links on Chakra Balancing for locations and information on remaining chakras.

   5 .   The Throat Chakra   (Vishuddhi)

    Resonates to the colour:   BLUE

    Located:   Throat

Controls the pharynx, vocal chords, tonsils, glands situated in the neck, shoulders.

Often associated with thyroid conditions, colds & flu, laryngitis, goitre, difficulty breathing, asthma, throat related viral attacks, influenza & pain in upper arm.


6.   The Brow/Third Eya Chakra   (Ajna)

Resonates to the colour:   INDIGO

Located:   Between the eyebrows.

In addition to activating the major third eye it also activates all the other chakras, being the symbol of creation and distribution of life energy.

Often asociated with ear, nose and throat conditions, eg. hearing problems, loss of smell, adenoids & sinus problems,  cataract, blindness, dizziness, nervous breakdowns & other nervous disorders.