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A few comments from the students:





"Since starting yoga at the beginning of May 2006, I have found much increased energy levels and am starting to notice a difference / improvement in my levels of flexibility. A recent back strain has healed much quicker than I would have expected due to doing stretches every day. I look forward to the ‘oasis’ of the class every week, and I am even beginning to conquer some longheld fears. Yasmina is a warm and inspiring teacher who cares about each individual in her class."

J. Miles Lea , Age 49  Counsellor / Counselling Tutor

"The most beneficial thing I find is how relaxed and rejuvenated I feel after classes despite doing a twelve hour shift. The postures and stretches seem very simple, but in reality they can be quite challenging with the added benefit of making the body more supple and strong."

Arvind Ratanji, Age 45 /

"I started yoga for fitness and have found my level of fitness has increased more and more. Yasmina has a warm and friendly approach and each class contains the right amount of challenge and relaxation with fun included!"

J. Kelly, Age 57 / Housewife

"I have always been health conscious since the age of twenty, my initial interest in Yoga came from watching programmes on television. I joined a yoga club where there were no men in the class where I practised for twelve years. I stopped going to the club and continued to practise yoga at home up to the age of forty. It was at this age I started to run my own business and all the fitness activities stopped. With the children growing and domestic and business stresses I felt like I was just going so fast that I had no time for myself. I knew I had to do something about myself, I could not rely on nature taking its own course, because by now I was getting stiff, unable to control myself. Which ever direction I turned there was a problem, eventually I developed diabetes, high blood pressure and a frozen shoulder. I eventually joined Yasmina’s yoga class eighteen months ago, this has helped my shoulder and has also helped me regain control of myself, I am practising yoga 20 mins every day. My mantra to you is make time for yourself and do something about yourself before it is too late."

Ramesh Chandra Chudasama, Age 55 /


"When I joined our yoga group eighteen  months ago my aim was to improve flexibility and meet likeminded people.  I also spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car and thought it would be a good opportunity to strenthen my back muscles.  However I never realised what other benefits yoga can offer,  I have learnt more about my own body's capabilities and found iit a great way to relax.  I enjoy devoting quality time tuning into what my own body needs."

B. Rickatson, Age 29/ Pet Nutritional Advisor. 


I joined Yasmina's Yoga class six months ago having been advised that it would assist me in learning to work with my body to prevent/reduce the tension related type headaches which had blighted me for some seven years on a regular basis.  As a long term gym user I was not unfit but quickly learned that yoga exercised me in a different way, stretching muscles rather thn tightening them, leaving me feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Breathing exercises have taught me how to calm my body at times of stress, enabling me to regain control of developing areas of tension and, in so doing, prevent migraines from developing on the majority of occasions.  Yasmina is an excellent teacher who exudes positive energy and knows the capabilities of each of her students ensuring that they do not over stress their bodies.  I am happy to recommend her classes to anyone who wants to empower themselves and free themselves from over reliance on pain killing drugs which do nothing to treat the cause of their problems.   

A. Hart, Age 49 /Letting Agent    


"The Yoga Journey Day, similar to the weekly classes, was conducted with a calmness and presence that truly takes you away from the mad rush of the everyday world and into a place of connecting with your body.  Thanks Yasmina, you are an engaged and inspiring yoga teacher managing to combine many areas of yoga and meditation under one enlightening canopy."

Katrine Kjoeller, Age 27/Journalist.


'I am an older student who has been practising yoga for a number of years.  I cannot start to tell you of the many benefits it has brought into my life; increased flexibility and stamina, discovering how breathing can help with relaxation, an overall improvement of my health with an increased awareness of my own body.  I am 75 now and still look forward to a very active life'.

Betty Carpenter, Age 75/Retired Dressmaker