Image of What is Dimensional Healing?

The human condition relies entirely on Universal Life Force for its survival. Unfortunately for many of us there remains a constant struggle for this precious communication pathway to flow without any interference. Obstruction to this natural flow of energy encourages the development of blockages that will eventually create disharmony, this can result in us experiencing many health problems that will affect the mind, body or spirit.

I believe that symptoms are the body’s way of communicating to us that an in-balance exists in one or all of the recognised aspects of our being: Physical, Mental or Spiritual. The word disease when examined closer would indicate this also – Dis-ease.

Fortunately Universal Energy can be accessed, each individual healer will uniquely tap into a particular frequency – often a direct reflection of their own level of consciousness. As a healer I simply act as a channel so that you (the client) can absorb these Natural Healing Forces. Your own consciousness recognises these frequencies and utilises them within the system via your own Innate Healing Intelligence. This will facilitate your return journey to Health and Wholeness.

Dimensional Healing is a holistic approach that represents the many facets that uniquely separate us and yet in turn unites us towards a Whole Consciousness.

We have insufficient knowledge of the truth of our being, we are however aware of the Mind, Body and Spirit, all of which we can access independently, but if we desire a positive healing outcome it must be seen as interconnected or interrelated.

The following passage was channelled by my Spirit Guide in July 2006 on the subject of Healing:

‘Whether in part or full, we are all made of components that register to a universal force that is created by realms of existence beyond our comprehension.’

‘We ask you to understand that matter is relative only because of your reduced level of understanding.’

‘We absorb energy in every waking moment. Life is a continuum of space which has within particles of matter that directly reflect/link to the cosmic forces that surround us.’

‘We ask that you understand that the human body is made of components that directly reflect your level of consciousness at any given time. We absorb matter at a prolific rate and the body interprets this as signals relayed by energy fields.’

‘Just as you identify with thought so does your body, listen to the cell structure as it calls out for purification from matter'.

‘Polluted by matter life is a constant struggle between concepts of time and reality. Largely we are concerned with time, but in reality this is of very little consequence, based on the theory that we are not in possession of all the facts. ‘Listen to your body as it craves for you to listen to its pleas for reassurance;

“I am but a lonesome voice in a valley captured by an inability to see the mirage of my minds eye. Labelled with human, I am reduced to a mere concept that bears no reality to the truth.”