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The word Chakra translates from the Indian Sankrit text meaning 'Spinning Wheel of Energy', not visible to the naked eye these energy centres exist in both the Physical and Astral bodies. The Chakras distribute energy patterns that are responsible for the regulation of 'Prana', the life force, the hidden energy in the atmospheric air responsible for maintaining the 'Life' of the physical body.

There are seven main Chakra's situated in the physical body, from ascending order they are as follows:

1.  The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

 Located:  Midway between the anus and the genitals.

The centre of self preservation, growth and survival.

Often associated with blood disorders, anaemia, arthritis, leg weaknesses, asthma, low vitality, depression, sexual problems and piles.


2.  The Sex or Belly Chakra  (Swadhisthana)

Resonates to the colour:    ORANGE

Located:   At the root of the genitals, lower abdominals.

Often associated with urinary and bladder disorders, sexually related problems, impotency, asthma, bronchitis, gallstones, knee pain, cramps, sciatica, menopausal problems.


(Please refer to subsequent links on Chakra Balancing for location & information on remaining chakras.)