It is not necessary to believe in Healing for you to experience the benefits.  Dimensional Healing works alongside conventional forms of Health Care and Medical Treatments.  One of the systems to benefit from this process is the Chakra system.

Dimensional Healing can be helpful with both Physical and Psychological  conditions: 

 *    Assists with the relief of Pain & Stress 

*    By accelerating the body’s own self-healing
      abilities you can be helped with:

                   Broken Bones

                   Post Surgery

                  Post trauma (emotional or physical)

                  Many disease states including Cancer  – 
                  particularly supportive with the effects of

*   Releases and restores the flow of energy flowing
     through the Chakra System.

     (for further information regarding chakras, click on the
      link for Chakra Balancing) 

*   Helps to release blockages created by our
     emotional responses. 

*   Releases negative emotions, assists with
     Depression and Anxiety.

*   Provides Balance and Harmony to generally
     enhance your life.

*   Offering a sense of Calm and Wellbeing.

Interferences in our system prevents us from accessing our true consciousness,  releasing the obstructions provides us with the opportunity to be attuned and aligned towards our Soul purpose.