Image of What affects the balance of the Chakras ?

Many things can upset the function of the Chakras and cause them to either function below a certain standard or stop them functioning altogether.

Emotional responses to situations around us are often the most common cause of blockages and wil frequently affect the Chakras positioned in the area of the Heart and Solar Plexus. The consequence of this on the Astral (emotional) body for example may impair our ability to respond to an emotional situation and therefore affect our decision making. It may manifest in a manner that increases our sensitivity, causing us to over react to an incident. This will have an adverse effect on all our relationships both personal and professional, interfering with our ability to lead a successful life.

These inteferences to energy flow affect the physical body's ability to function optimally. When the flow of essential life force is prevented, it is inevitable that a struggle to sustain a healthy and symptom free body will exist. Often the onsett of a condition or illness will manifest presenting a symptom corresponding to the region of the body where the blocked chakra is located. It is not uncommon for Asthma related type smptoms eg: shortness of breath, tightness across the chest to present where interferences exist in the natural flow of energy, this will influence the energy centres that correspond to the Heart and Solar Plexus.

There are Seven main Chakras in the physical body, the location of Chakras 3 & 4 are detailed below, please refer to other links on Chakra Balancing for locations and information on remaining Chakras

   3.   Solar Plexus  (Manipura)

   Resonates to the Colour:  YELLOW

   Located:   Navel

Controls the pancreas, liver, intestines, appendix, kidneys and adrenal glands.

Often associated with high blood pressure, stomach and digestive problems, rheumatoid arthritis, constipation, general weakness and skin conditions.


   4.   The Heart Chakra   (Anahata)

   Resonates to the colour:  GREEN

   Located:  To the right of the physical heart

Controls the heart, lungs, thymus glands and blood circulation.

Often associated with heart and circulatory conditions, eg: high blood pressure, respiratory conditions, eg: asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, influenza, ulcers, cancer, pain in upper region of back, arms and hands.