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Yoga practise will contribute towards a healthier fitter body.  An ever expanding body of evidence confirms that yoga can benefit a wide range of conditions, this has been confirmed by some reputable studies.

Muscular Skeletal symptoms eg: neck, shoulder & back pain, are so often associated with bad habits and poor posture. By increasing the flexibility of our body it is possible to prevent stiffness in the joints and increase mobility, this will contribute to the promotion of positive habits and improved posture. Muscles that are stretched are much less likely to be subjected to sudden injury.  In 1994 a study made by the British Journal of Rheumatology indicated that Yoga therapy could benefit people with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The yoga postures help to stimulate the systems of the body, this asists with the regulation of internal organs and can often be seen to regulate blood pressure. The circulation of the body is improved because the oxygen and nutrients reach the tissues more efectively, this will help with the removal of waste products.  Yoga has now been incorporated into a number of Western Health regimes, an example of this is Dr Ornish's regime to treat heart Heart Disease in the U.S.

Yoga breathing has been found to reduce the frequency of Asthma attacks by a study in the Lancet in 1990, whilst psychologists at Oxford University found Yoga breathing more effective for restoring energy than relaxation or visualisation.  Relaxed, deep, steady breathing often improves stamina whilst encouraging a calmness of the mind and the emotions. Breathing is enhanced by increasing lung capacity and oxygenation, this will result in a body that feels revitalized, promoting alertness with clarity.

Practising yoga has the capacity to heighten our sense of emotional wellbeing. As we reclaim this feeling we vitalise the spirit and heal the body. Practising the strength building poses enables us to become stronger both physically and mentally, by improving our balancing skills we promote poise and equilibrium. Concentration will help you to develop your abilities in addition to helping to expand your cosciousness so that you may realise your full potential.

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Relaxation is an important part of Yoga practise, it is particularly important when you consider that our lifestyles dictate a very fast pace. We are constantly running against the clock, desperately looking to remove stress and fatigue from our lives.

Yoga is an opportunity to experience: A sense of Inner Peace, to feel centred, to feel the pure joy of stillness, to quieten the chattering of the mind.

B.K.S. Iyengar stated that 'Yoga at its highest level is The communion of the human soul with divinity'.* *Light on Pranayama, B.K.S. Iyengar, 1987