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Some comments from the members of the 'Inner Journey Meditation Group':




"I joined Yasmina's meditation group six months ago, unsure as to how meditation would be able to help me.  In simple terms, it enables me to practise learning how to 'Switch off' from the pressures of every day life and allows me to focus on working on my body and mind to improve my general wellbeing.  By better understanding ourselves, we learn how to heal ourselves from within.  I have practised the techniques that I have learned in the group to help me to control the build up of negative energies which have historically caused me to develop migraine type headaches whenever I become overly stressed/tense. Whilst I haven't yet achieved 100% success, the frequency of my headaches has dropped dramatically and I am no longer reliant on permanent prescribed medication.  This has got to be a better way.  Thank you Yasmina for your support and encouragement."

A. Hart, Age 49 /Letting Agent.


If people ask me why I meditate, I usually give the answer, "To quieten my mind and to become more fully myself".  Being an artist, I felt I needed to de-clutter the mind, in order to continue with my painting, one needs to block out other unwanted stimuli, with meditation your mind ceases to swing from branch to branch, my emotional energy calms and the normal stresses of everyday life does not effect me so intensely.  What I most apreciate in Yasmina's meditation classes are each meditation is different without exception they are beautiful, each one takes you gently and peacefully into your inner self.  I also find it very helpful to meditate in a group, not only because of the support and build up of energy but its easier to stay focussed.  I warmly recommend meditation.

 S.R Seymour/Artist


I really look forward to my meditation evening with Yasmina, it gives me a space to be my true self, to connect with my soul and life energy.  It has helped me enormously with my every day life and wellbeing, and I would encourage everyone to find a space and look within, the benefits are breathtaking. Thankyou for all your support and kindness.

 H. Brown/Trainee Counsellor